How to study from video lectures with online portal

Lecture Schedule: 

Lecture schedule with dates is provided for entire syllabus. you have to follow the order given in the schedule in learning the video lectures. This schedule will help you in covering syllabus with time discipline so that you could cover all the topics before your exam.

Study Material:

Notes are in the form of slides. Each slide of the notes is explained in the video lecture in the same order as given in the note book. No need of making extra notes during the lecture as the complete notes are given in the slide form. This way of learning saves your time and you can keep your focus on listening and viewing the lecture only, not being distracted due to anxiety of making notes.


Questions given in class questions "CQ" are  generally from different competitive previous year exams like JEE Main/Advance, CBSE, NEET, AIIMS, CPMT, UPSEAT etc. These questions are discussed during the lectures. These questions appear after explanation of the article in the video lecture relating to the question and you find that how easily the questions can be solved after understanding the related topic in the lecture. This immediately builds a confidence under you that you can easily solve the questions from different competitions.


After attending the video lecture, you should revise the lecture from the note book and solve the class questions by yourself. This creates a flow in understanding the article and then you can pick up the tutorial book and start solving  the questions related to the topic you have learned. In case of any difficulty you should consult the solution given in the book.


If you follow the discipline mentioned above, it is one hundred percent sure that you will be able to build a fine and precise understanding of the contents of the subject.



A short Quiz is provided after each lecture to immediate examine your knowledge you have grasped in the same lecture.

Ask Your Doubts:

After every lecture you can post your question related to the scheduled lecture in text or image form on WhatsApp.            

Solutions of the questions will be provided in any of the following three ways

    1. in pdf form,

    2. in video form,

    3. direct interaction with the teacher 

    Mode of solution depends on the level of question asked.


Test Series :

Test series will be provided according to the coverage of syllabus given on schedule provided with the package.

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